Travel Vaccinations 




We offer a nurse-run clinic for those travelling abroad for a holiday or on business, providing advice on health matters including any immunisations you may need.  Some immunisations are not available on the NHS so we have to charge for these.  Malaria tablets and any other medication need because you are travelling (e.g. reserve antibiotics) are also unavailable on the NHS and we have to make a charge.  To use this service please book at reception.  You will need to make an appointment at least 6 weeks before you are due to leave.  A travel form is available to complete online or can be picked up from reception.  We need this to be completed and returned for completion prior to your appointment so that the nurse can be fully prepared when you attend.

image depicting travel vaccinations

We would also encourage you to visit the fit for travel website which is very useful for foreign travel information. Simply choose the country to which you are travelling

This surgery will become a yellow fever immunisation centre from December 2008 but in the meantime will refer you to one that is, as required. 


Failure to attend appointment: 

If you fail to keep your travel appointment without giving adequate cancellation notice, you will not be able to book a further travel clinic appointment with Kincora Doctors Surgery. 


European health insurance cards

The E111 form has now been replaced by a plastic card called a European Health Insurance card.  This enables you to get the same benfefts as other EU citizens if you need medical health care in Europe.  You can fill in an application at a Post Office, phone 0845 606 2030 or do this online via this link


Returning to England

If you become unwell after your trip, remember to tell us that you have been abroad.  Malaria can develop up to a year after you become infected despite taking all possible precautions to protect yourself abroad. 


Malaria Prevention Medication 

You will be advised at your travel consultation if malaria tablets are required and if so, which are effective in the area you intend to visit

Chloroquine and Proguanil can be bought from the chemist without a prescription. These drugs are only effective in certain parts of the world where the mosquitoes are not resistant. 

The antimalarials: Doxycycline, Malarone, Malarone Paediatric and Mefloquine can only be obtained with a private prescription for which a charge of £15.00 is payable at the surgery. The prescription will be generated following your travel consultation and the fee is payable when you collect the prescription. The cost of the medication itself is payable to the chemist. The price is decided by the pharmacy and may vary widely between chemists. A very rough guide to the cost may be found on this link


Vaccination Costs

Vaccine Vaccination Fee
Vaccines normally available on the NHS:  
Diphtheria, Tetanus and Polio No fee
Hepatitis A – 1st dose No fee
Hepatitis A – 2nd dose No fee
Typhoid No fee
Vaccines not available on the NHS:  
Hepatitis B (often 3 vaccinations are required) – 1st dose £35.00
Hepatitis B – 2nd dose £35.00
Hepatitis B – 3rd dose £35.00
Hepatitis B – Booster £35.00
Hepatitis B – blood test £25.00
Or all the above as a full course £100.00
Hepatitis B – paediatric (child) full course £80.00
Meningococcal ACWY £40.00
Prevenar £50.00
Vaccines not kept in stock – a private prescription will be issued to the patient to obtain vaccine.  The patient will pay the pharmacy for the cost of the vaccine as well as the fee below:
Private prescriptions (i.e. Malaria) per item £15.00
Rabies – 1st dose (payable at time of first dose) £40.00
Rabies – 2nd dose £40.00
Rabies – 3rd dose £40.00
Rabies – Booster £40.00
Tick-borne Encephalitis – 1st dose (payable at time of first dose) £40.00
Tick-borne Encephalitis – 2nd dose £35.00
Tick-borne Encephalitis – 3rd dose £40.00
Tick-borne Encephalitis – Booster £40.00
Japanese Encephalitis – 1st dose (payable at time of first dose) £35.00
Japanese Encephalitis – 2nd dose £35.00
Japanese Encephalitis – 3rd dose £35.00
Japanese Encephalitis – Booster £35.00
Cholera full course of 2 doses (payable at time of first dose) £55.00
Yellow Fever – Single dose (with certificate) £55.00
Vaccination Travel Certificate £10.00